About Us

Kardeşler & Arkadaşlar İnşaat İthalat İhracat A.Ş was established in 2017 in Ankara, Turkey, with a vision to become a leading player in the import and export industry. Our journey began with a passion for international trade and a commitment to connecting businesses with global markets.


Since our inception, we have steadily grown and expanded our services, driven by our dedication to providing exceptional solutions and personalized service to our clients. We have built a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and expertise, earning the trust of numerous businesses in Turkey and around the world.

Our Progress

Over the years, we have witnessed the transformative power of international trade and its impact on businesses of all sizes. We have adapted to the ever-changing global landscape, staying at the forefront of industry trends and emerging market opportunities. Our continuous growth and success are a testament to our ability to navigate the complexities of international trade and deliver value to our clients.

Today, Kardeşler & Arkadaşlar İnşaat İthalat İhracat A.Ş stands as a leading import and export company, serving as a bridge between businesses and global markets. We take pride in our extensive network of trusted partners and suppliers worldwide, enabling us to provide comprehensive solutions that drive efficiency, profitability, and sustainable growth for our clients.


Why us

We understand the importance of choosing the right partner for your import and export needs. Here’s why Kardeşler & Arkadaşlar İnşaat İthalat İhracat A.Ş stands out:

Expertise and Industry Knowledge: Our team brings extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of international trade, ensuring we provide effective solutions tailored to your business.

Global Network: With a vast network of trusted partners and suppliers worldwide, we have the resources to connect you to new markets and opportunities.

Personalized Approach: We take the time to understand your unique requirements and goals, offering customized solutions that address your specific needs.

Reliability and Trust: We prioritize reliability, ensuring timely delivery, accurate documentation, and compliance with trade regulations, fostering trust in our partnership.

Choosing Kardeşler & Arkadaşlar İnşaat İthalat İhracat A.Ş means selecting a reliable and experienced partner who will work tirelessly to exceed your expectations and drive your business forward in the global marketplace.

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